Jeanie's books and short stories have been translated into Italian, Korean, Hebrew, Turkish, Chinese, German, Danish, and Japanese. Her publishers include Putnam, HarperCollins, Little Brown, Endicott and Hugh Books, Tor, Scholastic, Candlewick, Clarion, Delacourte, and Harper Collins.


The Reinvention of Albert Paugh

“This is a heartening book, a chronicle of renewal and hope that’s sparkling with humor!”

– Rayna Holtz, Librarian, King County Library System ret.


Walter's Muse

"An exhilarating portrait of a woman in her prime...revives in all of us a lust for life, with its splendid twists and turns, gifts of love and friendship, and promises of more surprises to come.”

– Nina Sankovitch, Huffington Post author of Tolstoy and the Purple Chair


The Love Ceiling

A lovely book, full of wisdom and compassion. With keen insight, the author examines the problems of achieving fulfillment as both a woman and an artist.”

– Barbara G. Walker author of The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets


Jake & Emma’s Island Getaway

When Jake and Emma escape a Pacific Northwest sheepherding contest, little do they know they will find a place where they were always meant to be...

A warm, funny story that shows competition is not for everyone, Jake and Emma's Island Getaway celebrates the quirkiness and beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the timeless value of friendship.

Jean Davies Okimoto and Jeremiah Trammell again deliver the delightful blend of humor and tenderness that distinguished their previous collaboration, the Green Earth Book Award winner Winston of Churchill: One Bear’s Battle Against Global Warming.

Winner of the Green Earth Book Award

Winner of the Green Earth Book Award


"Polar bears have become the totem of global warming. Winston is the polar bear who is going to become the totem of solving global warming. You'll love it."

– Carl Pope, Executive Director, The Sierra Club

A Charlotte Zolotov Honor Book

A Charlotte Zolotov Honor Book

"...the book's understated message-that families come in all shapes and sizes, and are bound together by love-comes through loudly and clearly."

Publisher's Weekly

Adapted for the television series Bedtime Stories for HBO and Showtime

Adapted for the television series Bedtime Stories for HBO and Showtime

"Touching and hilarious."

– Entertainment Weekly

Smithsonian  Notable Book Winner of the Maxwell Medallion - Dog Writers Association of America

Smithsonian Notable Book
Winner of the Maxwell Medallion - Dog Writers Association of America

"Okimoto's brisk and buoyant tale is a valuable lesson in the rewards of hard work and persistence and introduces young readers to American Sign Language...and a sprightly four-footed heroine."

Publisher's Weekly

Children's Peace Book Award

Children's Peace Book Award

"This book is a keeper...what better medicine than baseball?"

Washington Post

International Reading Association Readers' Choice

International Reading Association Readers' Choice

"Skillfully and sensitively written, can make you laugh and cry at a single sitting."

Voice of Youth Advocates


"A realistic scenario with warmly drawn characters...a great book and very needed."

– CJ Bott, National Council of Teachers of English


Short Stories

"Jason The Quick and The Brave" (anthology: Visions, 1987)

"Moonbeam Dawson and The Killer Bear" (anthology: Connections, 1989)

"Next Month...Hollywood!" (anthology: Join In, 1993)

"Eva and the Mayor" (anthology: No Easy Answers,1997)

"Watching Fran" (magazine: Scholastic/Scope 1998)

"My Favorite Chaperone" (anthology: First Crossing 2004)



Moonbeam Dawson and the Killer Bear
Producer: Bookit Reparatory Theater (for the Seattle Reading Awards)

Hum it Again, Jeremy
(anthology of plays: Center Stage, HarperCollins, 1990)

Uncle Hideki
Producer: Northwest Asian American Theater, 1995

Uncle Hideki and the Empty Nest
Producer: ReAct Theater, 2006

The Reinvention of Albert Paugh
Producer: Drama Dock, 2017

Winston of Churchill
Producer: Vashon Center for the Arts, Family Series, 2018


Early Books (not featured above)



Boomerang Kids: How to live with Adult Children Who Return Home, 1987
(co-author Phyllis Jackson Stegall)

Appearances on Oprah, CNN, Today Show and Good Morning America


Middle Grade Novels

My Mother is Not Married to My Father, 1979

It's Just Too Much, 1980

Norman Schnurman, Average Person, 1982

Who Did It Jenny Lake? 1983

Take a Chance, Gramps! 1990


Young Adult Novels

Jason's Women, 1986

Talent Night, 1995

The Eclipse of Moonbeam Dawson, 1997

To JayKae: Life Stinx, 1999


Picture Book

No Dear, Not Here, 1995